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Your earliest memories from childhood are rather…

Sounds and tastes

Visual Type

You’re a visual learner, you learn better when you see, watch, use graphs, charts, illustrations. Make lists, notes, and drawings. What bothers you in studying are movement, disorder, and long explanations. You like your surrounding to look properly. You write neatly and clearly. It is easy to make eye contact with you.

Sound Type

You’re sound learner, you can easily learn from the discussions and lectures. You will better understand what you read when you read a low voice. You solve problems “thinking aloud” or talking. In learning the noise is bothering you, too long and detailed written texts are not for you. You have a rich vocabulary.

Kineasthetic Type

What helps you in learning is playing what you learn in a material way, the possibility of moving off during listening, the use of models, objects that you can touch. You like to experiment on your own. You do not like to listen to long explanations, talk about what you see or hear, remain long without moving. Verbal comment is bothering you during the show. You are looking for solutions to problems during physical activity.