Science quiz. How much do you know about science?

Science and scientists - do you know some facts?
science quiz
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Science quiz. How much do you know about science?

Let us dig deep to find the hidden treasure – knowledge.
They have always been our inspiration and light in the darkness. Scientists have been making their best to create the world as we know it. Let us pay them a tribute by taking below science quiz.

Which scientist found out that lighting is electrical in its nature?

Hugo Boss
Edward Jenner
Albert Einstein
Benjamin Franklin

What invention do we ascribe to Galileo Galilei?

Formulation of theory of relativity
Invention of X-rays
Specification of laws of falling body
Rejection of the geocentric model of the world

Which fruit hit the head of Isaac Newton and helped him to understand gravity better?


When was the Doppler Effect identified?

In the 19th century
In the 17th century
In the 15th century
In the 14th century

Which element is indicated as „Sn” in the periodical table of elements?


What is the name of the institute where Dolly was cloned?

Davon Institute
Somersby Institute
New York Institute of Science
Roslin Institute

The most powerful telescope created by NASA is called…

Pubble Space Telescope
Bubble Space Telescope
Hubble Space Telescope

You don’t!

You truly need to learn harder and think about your education in a more serious manner. There are still gaps in knowledge to be filled!

Average knowledge.

You have read this and that, but the possessed data are still not enough! Scan an encyclopedia or to expand your knowledge.

Science geek!

You know the years, the dates, the numbers… virtually everything! Way to go!


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