Quiz about England – the land of opportunities?

Do you know much about England?
quiz about england
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England is considered to be the United States of Europe where all your dreams can come true. It offers its citizens and visitors beautiful sights, fantastic restaurants, and one-of-a-kind memories. Check this quiz about England!

Which of the following is true?

England is a part of the United Kingdom
United Kingdom is a part of England
England is a part of the United States

What is the name of possibly the oldest monument located within the borders of England?

Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey

Was London the first town in the world to have an underground subway network?

No, the first town in the world do have such a network was Berlin
Yes, London was the first town to incorporate such a system
No, the first town in the world do have such a network was Tokyo

Which of the following is not the national sport in England?

Gaelic football

What was the name of the last prisoner kept captive in the famous Tower of London?

Alison Levy
Rudolf Hess
Henry VII

English police officers are referred to as…


Queen Elisabeth II is closely related to the person called …

Vlad the Impaler
George the Great
Henry the Humble

One of the most famous car producers in England is known under the name of...

Aston Martin

What is the average Gross Domestic Product Per capita for England?

Approximately 13 thousand pounds
Approximately 22 thousand pounds
Approximately 7 thousand pounds

Hmm, you don’t know much!

We fully understand that it may be not your favourite country in the world. However, it is always good to know a little bit more even about the things you dislike. That is why we would like to ensure you that repeating this very quiz is a splendid idea.

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You can call yourself a real Englishman! You have done a great job and answered virtually all the questions in a correct manner. The only thing that is left to do for now is to pack your bags and go visit this exceptionally beautiful country.


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