How much do you know about Mars?

How much do you know about Mars?
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There is a breathtaking number of stars and planets in our solar system. Taking into account the whole universe, the number is just unimaginable! So, to narrow things down, we prepared a short and sweet planet quiz about only one of them – Mars.

Mars is the … planet of our solar system


How big is Mars in comparison to Earth?

Its diameter is exactly the same as the Earth’s one
Its diameter is half the diameter of the Earth
Its diameter is two times bigger than the one of the Earth

Can Mars be seen from the Earth with the naked eye?

Yes, all the times
Yes, but only on certain occasions
No, it is too far away from our planet

What was the top temperature recorded on the surface of Mars?

135 °C
35 °C
1350 °C

When approximately Mars lost its natural atmosphere?

3 billion years ago
4 billion years ago
5 billion years ago

When did the first successful flyby near the surface of Mars take place?

In 1945
In 2001
In 1965

Mars was named after the…

Roman god of war
Greek god of fertility
Roman god of oceans
Greek god of war
Greek god of abundance

Mars? Is that in California?

We accept that Milky Way and things alike may appeal to you better, but if you decide that you would like to learn a bit more about this planet – feel free to repeat the quiz!

Cosmos Liker!

You showed that your knowledge is vast and you are not afraid of expanding it. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to try other quizzes available on the website and learn more about the world around us.

Planet Explorer!

You know a lot about our solar system and one of its planet. This knowledge may be pretty useful when humans at last build bases on Mars. You will surely be invited there as an expert in the field.

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