Battle of Britain quiz. How much do you know about the Battle of Britain?

How much do you know about the Battle of Britain?
battle of britain quiz
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Battle of Britain quiz. How much do you know about the Battle of Britain?

The battle we are going to discuss today changed the face of the war to such an extent that it is considered to have been one of the most groundbreaking turns during the whole World War II. How much do you know about this very event? Take below Battle of Britain quiz and let us find out about that!

When did the Battle of Britain take place?

during summer and autumn of 1939
during winter and spring of 1941
during summer and autumn of 1940
during spring and summer of 1942

Who was the main commander of English forces at that time?

Toby McGuire
Winston Churchill
Keith Park

Which of the following was the ally of England during the battle

The Philippines

How many German aircrafts were destroyed during the course of the operation?

About 1800
About 2500
About 100

The battle between two forces using aircrafts only is called…


What was the name of the main aircraft utilized by the Royal Air Force?

Samson Mk
Messerschmitt Bf109
Spitfire Mk

Were there any fatal casualties among civilians?

Yes, there were approximately 10 thousand civilians killed
Yes, there were approximately 500 thousand civilians killed
No, no civilians were harmed
Yes, there were approximately 40 thousand civilians killed


It is a praiseworthy stance, as you are not likely to become another tyrant trying to exercising supervision over nations by using brutal force only. However, some basics should be absorbed, as you never know when and why such knowledge may come in handy.

You know a lot about this battle!

Your history teachers must have been proud of you and your exceptional performance during all types of examinations. The only thing to do now is to review the items that you got wrong and repeat the quiz!

Heavenly score, without a doubt!

You paid tribute to all the soldiers fighting with the invaders. What is more, you showed yourself how vast and detailed your knowledge truly is. Now you should check out other history-related tests on the website and try your luck there!

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