How knowledgeable are you when it comes to World War I?

History Quiz - World War I
world war one quiz
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It was one of the most threatening and deadliest conflicts the world has experienced. We would like to invite you to relieve the major victories and defeats of the First World War together with us while solving this quiz. Expand your historical knowledge and learn more about the heroic deeds of your ancestors!

When exactly World War I started?

On April 12, 1913
On July 27, 1915
On June 28, 1914
On July 28, 1914
On March 14, 1914

How many soldiers in total were killed during the war?

About 4 million
About 400 thousand
About 9 million

Why tanks are called in such a way?

As they served as tanks for gasoline
As they were disguised as water tanks at the beginning of the war
As they were “Tactical Navigators”
As they had to be distinguished from typical carriers
As they were called that by Adolf Hitler after seeing them in action for the first time

How many pigeons were used during World War I to maintain communications between the allies?

About half a million
About half a thousand
About three hundred

What was the cost of all the operations performed by the United Stated during the war?

30 million dollars
450 million dollars
450 billion dollars
30 billion dollars

Which empire did not collapse after the end of the First World War?

Austro-Hungarian Empire
German Empire
English Empire
Russian Empire

When the German Spring Offensive took place?

In 1918
In 1914
In 1916

You don’t know much!

There are some gaps in knowledge that should be filled as quickly as possible. It is truly worth remembering such tremendously important events, mainly to prevent history from repeating itself. Check a book on the topic or browse the Net; the advantages will be hard to underestimate!

Above-average performance!

You showed that the topic of the First World War was not new to you and that you were in possession of valuable knowledge that was used during the quiz. You may also decide to broaden your horizons and absorb even more data on the said military conflict.

True historian!

You have answered almost all questions correctly, showing that it is simply impossible to confuse you with names, dates, and figures, as you know them all very well. Somebody must have passed his or her history exams impeccably, eh?

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