Graphology – what do you know about it?

Do you know much about graphology?
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What field of knowledge can be called graphology? It is a great question that is going to be addressed in this quiz. Try your luck in answering the consecutive questions or just show your knowledge to others. It is a great fun, let us ensure you!

Graphology is all about

Analyzing the manner in which a given person types in words on a keyboard
Analyzing the way in which a given person writes
Checking proper drawing habits
Examining ancient manuscripts

Movements of the pen or pencil made to write a given letter are called…


What is the name of the letter angle in graphology?


Which parts of the letters make it possible for professionals to check the goals of the examined person?

Upper zones
Lower zones
Middle zones

When a letter slightly leans to the right-hand size, it is in…


Why it is recommended to have one’s handwriting analyzed?

It helps to understand one’s goals, dreams, in ambitions
It may help in finding a perfect match for the person
It may be of use at the workplace

The goal is to learn.

You have made a first step taking you a bit closer to the goal. Now you know at least something about graphology and you may use those pieces of information to expand your brain database. When you are ready, just repeat the test and astonish us with the results!

You know a lot about writing examination!

You may consider starting a course on the subject in order to become even more proficient and astonish your friends with the ability to tell them their distinctive features after reading a memo or a letter of theirs.

Graphology Master!

We are not exaggerating, you truly know EVERYTHING about this mysterious and highly sophisticated art of reading one’s mind by means of analyzing one’s handwriting. You have made a tremendous job!