Do you know London well?

Do you know London well?
Do you know London well
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Do you know London well?

It is called one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the jewel in the queen’s crown, a true gem. Let us now check how much knowledge do you have about London. Take this do you know London well quiz and see if you get the highest score.

How many postcode areas are there in London?


Which of the following is not the district of London?


When the Great Fire of London destroying a tremendous part of the city took place?

In 1666
In 1999
In 1777
In 1888

How many floors does The Shard that can be found in the City of London have?


What is the name of one of the most recognized parks in the world that is situated in London?

Hyde Park
Lancaster Park
Alley Park

What is the name of the spot where every person can go to and voice his or her opinions about current affairs?

Speakers’ Abbey
Speakers’ Alley
Speakers’ Corner
Speakers’ Zone

What is the other name of the typical London’s black taxi?

London’s cab
Cockney taxi
Hackney carriage

You undoubtedly love your place of residence more.

It is highly understandable as it must be a truly breathtaking place, but you should not diminish the importance of London as the cultural and business center of Europe. We wholeheartedly hope that your prejudices towards this city will vanish after seeing it in its full glory.


We have a person with a cosmopolitan approach to life here! It’s great news! It is exceptionally pleasant to hear that you are interested in the history, culture, and demography of this city.


You are a true Londoner and there is no denying it! Come clean immediately and tell others how long have you been living in this marvellous city? It is more than sure that you will be a perfect guide for whole tours willing to see the most exceptional areas of the place in question! Keep it up, lad!

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