Bermuda quiz. Do you know Bermuda?

Do you know Bermuda?
bermuda quiz
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Bermuda quiz. Do you know Bermuda?

It may seem to be a small, pretty trivial island at first, but it has its own history, culture, beliefs, and specificity. Join us and embark on the journey to Bermuda if you convinced that its secrets will not scare or discourage you. Show your wisdom to us and try to answer the questions in the below Bermuda quiz as quickly as you can.

What is the official national currency of Bermuda ?

Bermudian pound
Bermudian dollar
American dollar
Canadian dollar
Bermudian shilling

What is the capital city of the country?

St George's Town

What is the current population of Bermuda, excluding the tourists?

70 thousand people
70 thousand people
1 million people
5 million people
10 million people
100 million people

The National Day of Bermuda is celebrated by the citizens of the country on…

8 January
4 April
24 May

What is the hottest month of the year in Bermuda?


What a number of tourists visit Bermuda every year?

Approximately 150 thousand
Approximately 450 thousand
Approximately 30 thousand
Approximately 250 thousand

What is the dominant sport discipline in Bermuda?


When did the very first European explorer reach the coast of Bermuda?

In 1730
In 1456
In 1503

You don’t!

It is a great fun and you may travel as far as to Bermuda. In such a case, you will surely be amazed with the uniqueness of fauna and flora present there, as well as with the hospitality of the locals. It is simply an amazing place to be!

A little bit!

It takes some time to love someone or something. It may be the same with Bermuda, but we are more than convinced that you will eventually fall in love with this place. Clear water, almost white sand, and a number of monuments to visit… what is there not to admire?

Bermuda lover!

A true Bermuda lover has not been hiding for long! It is great that you have joined us! The aficionados of exotic pleasures and sensations are always welcomed! If you want to do so, you may also retake the quiz in order to memorize the answers to the most vital questions better.