Which world leader are you? World leader quiz!

Which world leader are you?
which world leader are you quiz
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Which world leader are you? Asking yourself if you are a born leader. Take a look at this world leader quiz and see it yourself.

World leaders make so many decisions every day with an infinite number of things that could go wrong, just like you. Let’s find out which historical or contemporary world leader you might actually become one day by taking below which world leader are you quiz.

Where would you prefer to live?

A big well-protected house
Your own apartment in the city center
A residence outside of the city center

How would you prefer to spend your holidays?

Go into the wilderness
Stay at a 5-star hotel
Go to the seaside

People think you are:

Hard-working and assertive
Eccentric and quick-tempered
Indecisive but optimistic

Do world issues deeply concern you?

Yes, because if I don’t take care of them, no one will
Yes, but mostly I am concerned with my country’s own issues
No, the rest of the world doesn’t concern me at all

In your opinion, what is the most important leadership quality?

physical strength
being independent
sense of destiny

Which of these are more important to you in an ideal society?

free market economy
diversity and ability to change
peace and compassion

How would you rather spend your free time?

make a protest

In which of these subjects did you most succeed at school?

science and math
social studies
the arts

Angela Merkel – the Chancellor of Germany

A pragmatic mediator who always plays it safe. Despite the fact that you are not the life of the party – you are welcomed almost everywhere.

Barack Obama – The USA President

You have the courage to make some unpopular choices because you know that history will bear out your decisions in the long run. No one can know the pressures you deal with, but you manage them with grace.

Alexander the Great!

You could be like Alexander the Great! You’re energetic, adventurous, and have a true sense of destiny. Your parents always knew you’d be a great success and despite your temper and rash decisions, you’re a lover of the finer things in life. Alexander spent most of his life on an unprecedented military campaign through Asia and northeast Africa.


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