Which religion would suit you best?

Which religion would suit you best?
religion quiz
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You consider yourself as a spiritual person but you have the feeling that your religion is lacking? If you want to consider another faith or reaffirm your beliefs? Take this quiz to find out which religion may best suit you.

Someone smacks you in the face. What will be your reaction?

I’ll turn the other cheek
An eye for an eye
Bad karma will reach him
Non violence is always the best path

You noticed a spider in your shower. What will you do?

I let it washed with the flow
Kill it
Pick it up and get outside
Spiders eat mosquitoes and flies so I leave it alone

What do you think of divorce?

Only if absolutely necessary
Divorce is not possible, better have next wife
If it was not meant to be that way it is best solution
Not possible at any case

How would you like your body to be treated after you die?

It’s not important at all
Rest in a peaceful place

What do you think happens with you after you die?

I go to heaven or to hell
I’ll get to paradise
I’ll be reborn as a new creature
I’ll be reborn and suffer again

Which of these activities make you feel relax?

Praying directly to God
Reading religious texts to find the truth

Why is there terrible wrongdoing in the world?

Wrongdoing occurs because God gave us free will plus a weak side, or a drive to satisfy personal needs
Egoism leads to desire, craving, and attachments, which can lead to unwholesome thoughts and wrong behavior
Ignorance of one's true existence as pure spirit and as one with the Universal Truth
If an individual experiences pleasure or pain in this life, it is due to virtuous or vicious action (karma) done by that individual in a past life.


Your life is most like good life of a Christian. You always try to be fair and care about justice according to common Christian beliefs. You believe that one person can be your wife or husband until you die. No matter what happens the sacrament of marriage is imperishable. You believe in life after death so you should think more often about your behavior. When did you last do a good deed to somebody?


You think that there is one unique creature which rules the world without any help. You like to have straight rules what to do and what not to do. You believe in angels as human protectors. You believe that everything is governed by divine decree, namely that whatever happens in one’s life is preordained. The strict rules like prohibition from consuming pork, alcohol or mind-altering drugs.


You believe that the way to eliminate suffering begins with understanding the true nature of the world. You don’t believe that world is created and ruled by a God. You think that the purpose of life is to end suffering so called nirvana. You appreciate the goods of the surrounding world and don’t focus on a material side of life.


Your way of life is like dharma. You have the spirit of tolerance and willingness to understand and appreciate the opponent’s point of view. You believe in a rebirth and preexistence. You don’t need to have one almighty god to believe. You like everything which is complex, unspoken and mysterious. You take care of all being because they have souls the same us you.