What your music preferences say about your personality?

What your music preferences say about your personality?
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Do you think people who listen to different types of music have different personalities. Check what does your choice in music genres and artist say about your personal psychology.

Choose which genre of music you like to listen to relax?

hard rock

Who of this artist do you like most?

Robert Plat
Bob Marley
Elvis Presley

Which of this music genres would be the best for you to drive a car?

Hip Hop

Who of this people would you choose as the biggest artist in history?

Janis Joplin
Freddy Mercury

Which music genre is the best to dance for you?


Which of this bands is your favorite?

Earth, Wind & Fire
The Rolling Stones

Which musical instrument do you like to listen?

Electric Guitar
Classic Guitar


You enjoy edgy and assertive music, all that words can also describe you. You are usually reserved and almost always introverted yet extremely intelligent. You have no tolerance for ignorance and stupidity. The most important for you are independence and life control. You have very few good friends cause you choose them wisely. You don’t trust everybody. The first impression that you make is rather harsh.


You enjoy optimistic music. What you are listening at the moment usually is reflecting your state of mind. You always know what is popular and what genre of music can resonate with a specific groups of people. You don’t like overcomplicated tunes just simplicity, this is reflected in your personality. You like people who are forthright and such friend surround you. You prefer the worst truth than the sweetest lie.


You enjoy music that is soulful, outgoing and relevant. Music speaks to you what it’s truth. Your experiences and emotions are reflected in music which you listen. You aren’t indifferent to other people misery and you are always willing to help. You are very devoted friend.