What type of person are you?

What type of person are you?
what type of person are you quiz
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The first observations of the human personality and related traits led magicians in ancient Mesopotamia. The first personality tests were based on the interrelated system of nine types, entered into a symbol of breaking up the flight of a swan. In Europe, discovering the personality traits and their impact on the future goes back to ancient Greece and is associated with discoveries of great mathematicians of Pythagoras. Today we prepared for you simple version of a quiz which will help you to find out which of basic ancient types of personality are you.

Do you feel an inner voice which speaks to you every time when you make some decision?

Yes I feel it all the time
I have this feeling when I consider something very long
I have never thought about it
I don’t think so

Are you sensitive to somebody’s pain?

Yes, I am very extraverted
Sometimes, especially to children’s pain
When my family or friends suffer then yes
I’m rather resistant to somebody’s pain

Do you need to be lonely to solve problems or just think things?

I need isolation to focus
I need peace but sometimes I like to ask for a good advice
I don’t have time to consider every decision
I make decisions on impulse

Are you planning you daily schedule?

Yes, I like to have everything planned with details
I usually write down most important issues
I plan my day only when I have a lot things to do
I have good memory so I don’t have to plan

Do you always know what is good for you and what is not?

I always know better
I usually know what is better but I make mistakes like everybody
I don’t like to make decision, I ask somebody else for opinion
I always have a problem

How often do you think about the past and mistakes which you have made?

I think about my mistakes everyday
I think about it when I have similar problem to solve
I don’t remember bad things
I don’t want to go back to bad things in my life

Is family the meaning of life for you?

My family is everything
I can’t live without my family but there are other important things
I treat my family as a part of my life like work, friends, social life
I’m not a family person

The Perfectionist

Perfectionist is critical of yourself and others. The realist convinced that there is only one right way. Convinced of his moral superiority. You are systematic person, often slipping into conflict with other people.

The Observer

You keep an emotional distance from others. You are exhausted by the commitments and needs of others. You pigeonhole duties. Mature observer makes great decisions. You happen to be an intellectualist in ivory tower or live like a monk.

The Guardian

You are selfless altruist, caring person and a helper. Frequently you demand sensitivity and approval, looking for love and recognition. You devote tour life to satisfying people’s needs. You have many different faces and each of friends you show another.

The Enthusiast

Enthusiast is a free optimist and experienced inventor. dilettante, fickle lover, superficial, adventurer. It’s hard to make commitments for him because he wants to have a lot of open opportunities. Generally happy, stimulating in the company.