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What do you think about your voice?



Your distinctive feature is the ease to adapt to different situations. If you can, then proudly raise your head, but under unfavorable conditions you can bend your head and wait. You are viable and thrifty. Each road is good for you if it leads to the goal. You’re not afraid of risk, you like changes and interesting people. Thanks to your flexibility to look at life realistically you stand on the ground you with both feet.


You want to be in the center of attention and have an impact on what is going on around you. You hate living in the shadows. You appreciate independence and personal dignity. You do not like to bend your head in humility or act in a begging position. Under favorable conditions, you can give a lot, but sometimes you need to relax and recharge your batteries. You love to show even a semblance of power, as your life is accompanied by a big ambition.


You have strong self-conscience and you always know what is best for you and your relatives. You don’t have a problem with tough decisions. People who don’t know you well are afraid of you because you give an unpleasant first impression of building some kind of wall to protect your independence and private life. Under that cover you are a very sensitive and sympathetic person.


You are a very open and friendly person. You have many friends but you suffer from a lack of one true love. People often use your kindness and your good heart for their own purposes. Your heart was broken a few times but you still have hope for the perfect relationship. You’re a romantic type with a head full of ideas. You like to spend time in the open air, often alone walking and dreaming.