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When you are in a restaurant and a waiter acts not professionally what do you do?

I complain to the waiter
I ask to speak with the manager
I just won’t tip them


Your temper can easily come up fast and it’s always focused at one particular target just like a twister. You never lose sight of what’s getting you mad. Your anger is quick and sharp. You’re always direct and to the point. You never sidestep the issue.


You don’t yell a lot, you keep your anger inside, and only those who really know you can tell when the cracks start to show. When you’re angry, it’s usually in subtle ways. You hate confrontation. It takes a lot of time to really annoy you.


When you get angry, your temper washes over everyone around you, sweeping all away. You’re a powerful force to be reckoned with. Your temper comes down on people like a ton of bricks. But it’s not just one wave of anger; it keeps coming back up until you cool down.