What is your communication style?

What is your communication style?
What is your communication style
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What is your communication style?

From that, how you communicate with others depends on your relationship with them and what they expect from you. If you are very open to people you attract them, if you are too nervous, people keep away from you. We are often completely unaware of how we communicate with others, so be prepared for a surprise! Take our what is your communication style quiz and find out how do you actually communicate with the environment. Are you cautious, bossy, or perhaps dominated?

Among the public…

I always feel comfortable
I watch but don’t talk too much
I’m scared

Your boss can not do the weekly meetings and asks you to replace him

Great it’s occasion to show how creative I am
I change the meeting into a discussion panel so you don’t have to talk too much
I spend all night on preparation to be perfect

What makes holiday ideal to you?

Group trip with family and friends
Trip in a larger group
A trip with one person

What type of physical activity do you prefer?


When you’re with your friend you usually…

Reconcile conflicts
Are the one that everybody entrust secrets
Are invited to all parties

You’re in a bad mood and you answer the phone from your best friend who wants to woes to you. What do you do?

I explain why I’m not the best material to cheer her up
I listen to her carefully and do my best to help her
I say that I need to be alone and rest, cause I have problems too

This is the day of your partner birthday but you didn’t have the time to buy present. What do you do?

I ask what he would like to get and go for it later
I admit that I haven’t enough time and promise to buy sth tomorrow
I don’t care, he will forget for sure

Overbearing and Seductive

Profile of bossy and seductive. You’re completely uninhibited in their relations with others. Always, in every situation of people you earn their charm. Thanks to its excellent communication skills, every situation change in your success.

Cautious and Reserved

You don’t isolate yourself from the people, but you know the difficulty of making communicating with people. At first you can be restrained in relationships with others.

Always Willing to Help and Dominated

You’re the only person who ever listens to his friends, both good and bad news. You are happy with the fact that your friends can freely talk to you, and that they appreciate your opinion. Your method: do not disclose your point of view in a talk. You tend to leave decisions to others, in order to avoid any conflict. However, you have great communication skills.