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Imagine giving a speech in front of a crowd. How do you cope?

I’m so nervous that I lose control on what I talk about
I make an eye contact with people I talk to
I’m always perfectly prepared so there is no stress at all
I don’ feel nervous. Whatever will be, will be

Quiet – Anti-Social

You’re more on the quiet side, preferring to do things on your own. You might not have a lot of friends but that might not always be a bad thing. You’re a type of an independent loner but not always. With really good friends you open your heart sometimes.


Your motto: Rules were to made to be broken. You love breaking the rules, resisting authority. You want to break free of all the boundaries. Freedom is very important to you but you also value such things as family, friends, and tradition.


More of an artsy-fartsy stereotype. You day-dream from time to time, letting your imagination take control of you. You might also be good at expressing yourself in pictures, photos or words. People who meet you see as positive and harmless to anything and anybody.

Fun – Sassy and Outgoing

People enjoy being around you. You’re wonderfully playful and outgoing. Lively and spirited, you always manage to brighten things up. You make the impression of a friendly and sociable person so people not always treat you seriously. They see you as a party companion but not as a material for friends or partners.