What do your holiday photos say about you?

What do your holiday photos say about you?
what your photos say about you
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Everybody wants to catch the best moments to remember holidays, events and many other situations. Nowadays almost everybody has a camera either as an application in the cell phone or as separate gadget. Do you know that the way you take pictures can say something about your personality and life’s attitude? Find out this by answering some simple questions below.

During your holiday you took hundreds of photos. You are viewing them and deciding which to keep, which to delete. How many of them will you reject as utterly failed?

Few, at least ten. Every moment is precious
Almost a half. I have stupid face on them.

Somebody wants to take a picture of you spontaneously. How do you react?

I immediately grin and hold in my stomach
I must do up my hair and use a lipstick
I escape. I hate such pictures without asking

Do you use Photoshop or other similar programs?

It’s useful when I have big pimple on my face
It’s great to create a perfect photo
It works as plastic surgery

Do you take selfies?

I think this is stupid
I don’t like taking photos of myself
Only in unusual situations like meeting a star

Which of these would you rather choose to take a photo?

Beautiful sunset
Famous movie star

Did you ever take part in a photo contest?

I take my photos only for myself
I would like to but I don’t have talent
I send my photos everywhere

If you have to choose one thing from listed below to take with you on a desert island what would it be?

a photograph of me and my family
a camera
laptop with photoshop


You can go on vacation without luggage, but never without a camera!! What is on your pictures? Everything. Yet everywhere you find something worth capturing. Strangely twisted trees, a butterfly on a flower petals, dew drops… Your photos are truly remarkable and reveal that you have a sense of observation and great sensitivity. However you are rarely on them. You say that you express yourself through your photos.

Spontaneous Photographer!

Your camera is your best friend because you like to capture everything around you. You are happy if you take a original picture or meet someone famous. You sometimes use photoshop but it doesn’t mean that you are vain. You like to create collages or funny pictures with your friends. Your friends like when you take photos of them because they know you will do it to make them look good. You have thousands of photos taken by surprise but nobody takes offence.


The presence of the camera is stressing you. This does not mean that you do not like pictures. On the contrary, you are happy when you can pose. No pics of surprise or without make-up. You know how to pose for a good result and even then you are never fully happy. You retouch not only the red eyes, but also whiten teeth and are modeling the waist. That’s all because of your perfectionism. In fact, you do not think you’re quite pretty, graceful and have a lot of faults. Relax, nobody is perfect!