What color are you? What color is your life?

What color is your life?
What color are you
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What color are you? Is your life color of red, white, blue, yellow, black, white…?

You might have heard that everybody has its own aura which has colors depends on human acting and their faith. Colors accompany us in life at every step. We have our favorite colors and those, which we do not prefer so we subconsciously surround ourselves with some groups of colors. Answer a few simple questions in the below what color are you quiz and check which color symbolizes your life.

Which flavor of ice cream do you like the most?


Which of these drinks would you have as the last drink in your life?

Orange juice
Green tea

Which statement suits to your life philosophy?

I always try to be fair and fight for the justice
There is always a bright side of every situation
Love is the biggest power in the world
Without nature our life would be senseless

What would you serve for a dinner on the first date if you have to cook on your own?

Yellow pepper and saffron soup
Medium-rare steak
Macaroni with cheese and spinach

How would you dress for a meeting with your future mother-in-law?

Classic jacket and jeans
Gauzy dress
Skin-tight shirt and skirt
Some comfortable

Which music do you like to listen while driving a car?

Classic rock
Hard Rock

What would you do if a stranger stops your car at the desert?

I’ll do anything to help him
I’ll try to cheer him up and stay for a while
I’ll make U-turn and go away
I’ll call the police but stop and try to help

If you can travel in time which historic period will you choose to visit?

Middle ages


Your life is bright and pure as white color.
You like everything, which is classic and pure. You wear bright colors, nude, and sometimes pastels. You have been raised according to strict rules, which you stick to since today. You like the smell of vanilla and coconut. You give the impression of a cold person so some people treat you with reserve. you have many devoted friends because they know that they can always count on you.


The color of sun represents your positive attitude.
You like to spend time outdoors and do sports no matter if it is windsurfing or golf. Because of your instant smile, everybody wants to spend time with you. You are known as the soul of the party. You are honest no matter what the consequences are. Adaptability and compatibility are your great advantages and can help you get along with others.


Passion and rush rule in your life.
You’re a very devoted friend who can do anything in case of troubles but at the same time, you are a very confrontational person. You have the drive to keep going. Having responsibility for all of your actions and being a little bit of a perfectionist are your strongest features. You like to spend time in active way. You like also dancing and theatre because you love everything which arouses emotions.


You’re a master of self-control.
It’s a difficult task to annoy you. You can really relax only under the open sky. If you believe in something you are able to fight until the end. You’re respected and valued employees because you’re always on time and have a head full of ideas. You don’t let your fears to interfere with your life.

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