Personality Quiz – Are you the life and soul of the party?

Are you the life and soul of the party?
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On the one hand, you may fancy yourself as a sophisticated person, but it doesn’t really mean that your company has the same opinion about you. However, on the other hand, having complexes and being bashful doesn’t always match with the way your company feels about you. Take this quiz and find out how other people find you.

Your friend offers you some sandwiches at his party, which one do you choose?

You take the first one you see
Firstly you carefully examine them and then choose one
You take the one from the middle

You and your group are at the dancing club, with who do you dance?

only with ones you find attractive
only with your partner
with everyone from your group

Can you objectively judge the actions and expressions of your sweetheart?


You and your ex are on the same party, what do you do?

You ignore your ex or don’t stint on mean remarks
You try not to take any notice of your ex
You act normal and have a small-talk with your ex

During conversation with your friends to what topic you usually boil down to?

misfortunes in your life
your successes at work
neutral things

You unofficially learned that you’ve been awarded a bonus at work, what do you do?

Share the news with your co-workers
Expresses disappointment that your co-workers didn’t also award a bonus.
You say nothing

During your stay in another city, you come across a friend that you had a falling-out not so long time ago. What do you do?

if he tries talk with you, you fob him off with perfunctory answers
pretend not to see him
initiate a normal conversation

You take part in lively conversation. In what moment will take voice:

without any waiting you ‘enter’ the discussion at the first pause
you don’t care when, all that matters for you is to say anything
having something to say on discussed subject

When your company starts to joke about you, you:

feel uncomfortable or even take offence at them
laugh together with them
think of a way to repay them

Try to socialize more!

You avoid spending time in bigger groups of people and narrowed your company to few people, to whom you spill your guts. What makes you happy are other people problems, not successes. Try to spend more time socializing. Don’t worry, when you’ll open yourself to others and will help them—your attitude will surely change.


You like company of other people, but you’re terrible at entertaining others. What you need is to maintain a healthy distance towards oneself, try to relax a little, because you hate when others make jokes about you. You’re more an observer than take active part in meetings, but others can always count on you.


You can call yourself the life and soul of the party, because that’s who you are! You inspire others with your good mood and optimistic attitude. Not only you can talk and laugh, but you can hear them out, sympathize with, and most importantly – you can help.