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What would you do if a boy which you know for a couple of day insist on a meeting in the middle of the night?

Ask him to wait 5 minutes
I’ll explain that I can’t go out so late in the evening
I would ignore the man without good manners


You are a beautiful woman who uses advantages to seduce the one you choose. You’re self-confident and always know what you want. You are surrounded by some sort of aura that attracts men. Life with you is not easy but very exciting.


Are you a strong and independent woman, which did not stop before reaching the target. You need a man who will respect you and made you happy. You are demanding but can also give a lot from yourself when you consider that this person is worthwhile. When you fall in love it is a very strong relationship and you’re able to do almost anything for your partner.

Wife material!

You are attentive, caring and once you meet with someone- you’re just for him. You have a traditional approach to relationships and if someone is not able to understand that it is his problem. The men see in you a good material for a wife.