How do guys perceive me?

How do guys perceive me?
how do guys perceive me quiz
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How do guys perceive me?How do guys see me?

You try to look hot and act that way which will be attractive to a man? You can stand up in front of your mirror for hours to ensure everything is perfect? You don’t know why are you still single or why so many men make a pass at you? Are you asking yourself these questions quite a lot: how do guys perceive me or how do guys see me?

You probably sent unconsciously some information that appeals to men in another way than you wanted to. Find out what impression do you make on men by answering a few simple questions to the below how do guys perceive me quiz.

What would you do if a boy which you know for a couple of day insist on a meeting in the middle of the night?

Ask him to wait 5 minutes
I’ll explain that I can’t go out so late in the evening
I would ignore the man without good manners

What do you pay for on the first date?

I give the tip
I pay for myself
I pay the half of the money

How does your Sunday morning look like?

I stay in bed until noon with my man
I lay in bad watching television
I try to catch up with my work

How do you react when you meet attractive man?

I flirt
I try to give him signs using my body
I flush

What do you think about having sex on the first date?

It’s ok. Why waste time?
It depends on the situation, and man
Absolutely not!

Man who are you attracted to says not funny joke. What will you do?

Laugh as mad
Tell him that it was dreadful

When you speak with somebody that you really like you have tendency to:

fiddle with hair
touch this person
to bite my nails


You are a beautiful woman who uses advantages to seduce the one you choose. You’re self-confident and always know what you want. You are surrounded by some sort of aura that attracts men. Life with you is not easy but very exciting.


Are you a strong and independent woman, which did not stop before reaching the target. You need a man who will respect you and made you happy. You are demanding but can also give a lot from yourself when you consider that this person is worthwhile. When you fall in love it is a very strong relationship and you’re able to do almost anything for your partner.

Wife material!

You are attentive, caring and once you meet with someone- you’re just for him. You have a traditional approach to relationships and if someone is not able to understand that it is his problem. The men see in you a good material for a wife.

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