How crazy are you?

How crazy are you?
how crazy are you quiz
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Do you think you are crazy? Do your friends tell you that you take too much risk and your mother is praying every time when you go out? Maybe on the contrary your best friend is textbook of logic and you know the risk only from movies? Check how crazy are you answering these simple questions about your life.

How often do your friends tell you that you’re crazy?

They call me that everyday
Sometimes when we have really good fun
I heard it once or twice

You will have an opportunity to bungee jump for free with your friends. What will you do?

I will be the first who jump
I will be hard but I can’t waist such occasion
No way I do this.

Have you ever had problems with the law?

I’ve been arrested once
I have some unpaid fines
I don’t remember such situation

Do you noticed that you talk to yourself?

Yes, all the time

What will you do when your friends suddenly change plans and go somewhere else than planned before?

Go home
Pout all night
No, problem no matter where but with whom

Have you ever feel that you have any superpowers like predicting the future?

Yes. I often have the premonition which come true
I’ve noticed coincidence but it had to be a chance
No. That’s ridiculous

As mad as a Hatter

You are totally crazy and you are proud of it. You always choose the most exciting and dangerous option. You don’t know what does it mean to be afraid of something and this is your biggest madness. Life is too short to be boring! You’d prefer to believe that insane things happen than to question them with logic. Some people might think you just want attention, but the truth is, you’re simply being you and having fun. You’re a blast to have around friends who love you for your energy and crazy ideas.

Crazy at Times

You’re not all that crazy, but you know how to have fun or take a risk. You know that bungee jumping is not crazy because it’s more probably that you to die in a car accident, why not jump? If you feel like doing something a bit out in left field, you let yourself go and have fun. That one time you had the chance to drop everything and take a week-long trip into the unknown, you didn’t say no.

You’re as sane as they come.

You rather deal only with reality and logic . You take calculated risks, but you always calculate first. You don’t gamble because you know you are not that lucky. You never drink too much or stay up too late because you like to stay in control. You’re probably right most of the time, and that’s okay, but just remember to have a little fun from time to time!