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What would you choose to do in your free time?

play Xbox
ride a bike
go to a pub

You’re a big child!

There is no doubt that you are still a child inside. When you have the opportunity to play with children you are happy. You are an adult with a serious job, family, etc. but you still need some space for your childish imagination and dreams. You can get along with children because you easily find common ground. Children love because they feel subconsciously that you’re one of them in some way. Don’t change anything as long as you are able to function properly in the adult’s world.

You’re trying to be mature!

You do everything to make people think you are a responsible and mature person. Maybe because of your chequered foretime it is hard to take you seriously. Remember that doing everything in spite of yourself would only make you unhappy and real trust can be reached only with your acts. You can’t resign from realizing your childish dreams otherwise your adult dreams won’t come true.

You’re 100% adult!

This innocent child has got away a long time ago. The circumstances in your life made you mature very fast. In your life there’s no space or time for dreaming, playing, or having time. You think that all those things are a waste of time and time is money. Too many duties changed you into a meatball. You rather like to spend more time at work than more time with friends or just resting. If you wouldn’t change your attitude you’ll be bitter and bitter each next day.