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Would you rather live in old mansion or in a modern apartment?

Modern apartment
Old mansion
I don't know

True Altruist!

You love to help and counsel others. Sometimes you go overboard with your involvement or agree to do things that are beyond your strengths. However, you really feel for those in misery. You’re amiable and always eager to help out. But then again, it’s possible, that you’re unaware of how much you want to keep on everyone’s right side and smuggle to get their approval.


You are helpful and even able to make sacrifices for those who are dear to you. When it comes to other people, you don’t feel obliged to help them—you have a lot on your own mind. People who ask you for favors feel obliged to return them. Of course, it wouldn’t pass your lips to ask them to do so, but deep down in your heart you expect them to do so.

Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

Your rule of thumb is ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’. When you do somebody a favor, it’s only when it is profitable. Outwardly, you seem like a true altruist, but those who have known you for a longer time, know that you’re guided by self-interest and not by a kind heart.