Do you have a good manners?

Do you have a good manners?
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In present time, few people remember about the principles of good manners. People who know them and moreover apply to them in life are rare. If you think you know your manners answer the questions in our quiz and you’ll find out if this is true.

When you invite guests for a dinner you…

Decorate the table and the dining room with huge amount of flowers to make it more smartly
Remember to avoid high flowers because they will block out the view
Don’t put any flowers. It’s appropriate to join food with flowers

What will you do with your napkin after the meal?

Put it next to the plate
Throw it out
Take home

Before starting eating in a restaurant you should…

Put the napkin on the laps to protect clothes
Hold the napkin in your hand all the time and wipe mouth
None of the answers above

How you should eat the baking?

You should it eat it tearing off piece by piece
You should it eat normally biting
You should use knife and fork

What should you do when you sit by the table and one of the sitting women is suddenly standing up?

Stand up to
Help her to stand up
It is rude to react to that so I do nothing

You’re very tired and you’re about to go to sleep when unexpected guests knock to your door. What will you do?

Open the door and smile all the time. I’ll rest later
Let them in and leave with other parts of the family
Pretend I’m not home

What would you wear for a premiere at the theatre

Elegant suit/ classy dress
Jeans and sweatshirt/ jeans and top

Role Model

Your body movement, facial expressions, manners, the way you speak, your smile, acting even in not important issues – all this tells that you are real gentleman/lady. It’s a good upbringing that makes you a cultured person, awakening sympathy and respect. Thanks to your good manners you can cope with people in a civilized way.

You’re on the right way to Perfection

Good manners, politeness, correct behavior, everything is the essence of savoir vivre and does not mean nothing less than a kindness to people and tolerance. You are not perfectly correct probably because you need more self-control. These impeccable forms should be rooted in our habits since childhood so If you haven’t learnt it at home it’s not too late. Do not worry, you can make up for it. The desire to be perfect is commendable. You’ll quickly catch up and remember how to behave in order to arouse enthusiasm among people.

You should study the rules of Savoir Vivre

In your opinion, savoir vivre became practically empty phrase, which in practice does not apply. You treat it as a relic, which complicates life. You don’t realize that good manners help in life. If you want to be seen as a valuable person, partner or an employee you should change your attitude.