Do others consider you the life and soul of the party?

Do others consider you the life and soul of the party?
soul of the party - personality quiz
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We need party animals as much as a desert needs rain. So, if you are not too busy preparing for another big event, sit down for a while, relax, and check how much of the life and soul of the party you are! We can ensure you that you will not regret the time spent!

There is a big party organized the next week. On the other hand, you have a big project to hand in at the same time.

You decide to postpone the project
You make the project earlier to fully enjoy the party with your friends
You decide to stay home and focus on work
You ask your best friend to do the task for you

How do you plan your vacations?

I always wait for others to come up with some thrilling plans
My plans are based on watching TV and surfing the Net … and I am never disappointed!
I plan everything beforehand to surprise friends and family
I try to visit my distant family and spend the free time in a quiet manner

The best place to be for a Friday night is…

The very center of the dance floor in a crowded club
The Geeks Anonymous Meeting Center
The inside of your own room
The nearest library or bookshop

As you know, a computer is an indispensable part of our lives. You mainly use it to…

Search for depression-preventing solutions
Download the latest hits
Check the newest comic sales

If you could choose to be teleported to any place in the world, what would you choose?

Center of the biggest meditation center
Sahara during dry season
Rio de Janeiro during the carnival

If you were asked to describe yourself in one sentence, you would choose…

“I do not look for problems but I always find them!”
“No pain no gain!”
“I Only Live Once”
“Leave me alone to die!”
“More pizza, please!”

Not a wild child.

Well, the world also needs peaceful, calm people to run companies, graduate from colleges, and raise families. Maybe the way of the party animal is not for you and the better idea is to focus on just being yourself!

Moderate Partygoer.

You like to go wild from time to time, but for the rest of the week you are a model worker and/or student. Our society just loves such types for you are as far from any extremes as possible. Keep up the great work!

Woohoo! You are just crazy!

There is no week without a part the memories of which are vivid for the next few days. You are the talk of the time and every person on the social gathering knows who you are. Of course, some day you will need to settle down, but today is not the day!


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