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Under your bed…

There’s no dust
Is clean from time to time
There’s nothing but dust


Though it is not very nice you should be called a slob. The order is a state that should be forced on you. You think that cleaning is a waste of time and you do not understand people who pay too much attention to this. Try to change something for the better, before you lose your friends, who canno longer bear your behavior. Start immediately. It’s never too late! Do not let clutter longer ruled over all areas of your life.

Normal type!

You can feel proud of, because you can actually respond to the order. Do not exaggerate. The purity cannot allow take control over your life. You understand that not always by all means you should first take care of the cleaning. Sometimes there are things more important, requiring sacrifice your total attention. After that, however you immediately come back to organize your environment. Friends like you for tolerance and your approach to order. Keep it up!


You have a pedant nature. Dirt, dust, mess are your main enemies. You treat cleaning very seriously. You could say that you obsessively chat to each particle of dust, to remove it from your pure life. You think that perfect order is the only proper way of life. You feel lonely, because everybody is a potential slob. Think about it, is it worth it to give up friends, only because they approach the issue of order a little differently than you do?