Are you assertive?

Are you assertive?
are you assertive quiz
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In conflict situations, assertive skills allow you to reach a compromise, without sacrificing your dignity and resignation of the values. Assertive people are able to say “no” without guilt, anger or fear . Being assertive means to enforce your or someone else’s rights or act on their behalf, within the limits that do not infringe the rights and mental territory of others and our own. Are you assertive person? Solve the test and find out.

You are in a restaurant with you friend and you are making an order. Everybody wants to eat something that you hate. What would you do?

I firmly say that I don’t like it and don’t want to go out hungry so I order something else.
I don’t protest but I order something separately for me.
I must try to eat this, if they all like it so it can’t be so terrible as I think

When you must talk with your boss or your superior you feel stressed.

I don’t get so stressed when I know I fulfill my tasks
Only when I have soothing to hide
I always get so stressed that I can’t help shaking my hands

Do you ever think that someone else used you?

I don’t let anybody to use my confidence or good heart
It happened once but after that I’ve learnt how to prevent it
Unfortunately yes. I have too much faith in people

Your partner has failed to fulfill his duties thus you will be late with your project. How will you react?

I ‘m very angry and tell him what I think about him
I’m angry but I try to calm down. He must have had a reason
I try to fix it as fast as I can and forget about this situation

When you work in a group, do you always say what do you think and share your ideas?

Yes. My ideas are usually the best and everyone asks me about opinion
It happens that I take part in discussion
If only somebody asks me

You have new neighbors next door who are very loud at night. What will you do?

I’ll ask them to stop acting like this
I’ll call the police
I’ll wait few days until they have enough and stop

You have to say no to your best friend who asks you for help. How do you feel?

I’m sorry but I have important things to do as well
I feel terrible but I tell her/him that I will compensate it
I feel really bad and I consider changing my decision

Assertiveness is your hidden name

As assertive person you have a clearly defined purpose and can control your own emotions. It is not easy to manipulate you. It is hard to put pressure on you because you always have your strong opinion. You know how to fight for your own happiness and you will reach your goals no matter what others think.

You’re on a good way

Usually, can feel excellent balance between expressing your feelings and desires, and feelings of other people. This allows you to achieve harmony in your life. You still have a problem in stressing situations and dealt with close friends. Don’t be afraid to say no to them. You won’t lose them because of that. Work on your assertiveness little more, and you will attain perfection!

You don’t know what does it mean to say NO

Learning to use methods of assertiveness is a process that lasts a lifetime and is closely related to human personal development This is high time for you to start think about yourself and your attitude. If you won’t start to say clearly what do you think and what do you need you will be unhappy and frustrated.