Are you an overprotective parent? verprotective parents quiz

Are you an overprotective parent?
are you an overprotective parent quiz
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Are you an overprotective parent?

You have definitely wondered if you are good parents. Let’s face the truth.
We all know that children can be annoying. There are various methods of bringing your child up. We often listen to advice from our parents or friends or just listen to our hearts. Do this are you an overprotective parent quiz and find out what type of parent are you.

Did you prepared baby’s room before they come to the world?

Yes, I can’t wait to know the sex of ma baby so we decorated it neutral.
I don’ think that such a tiny baby should have own room.
I don’t pay attention to such details. The most important was a crib and diapers.

What is your reaction when you see that your child have slipped over?

I grab it as quickly as I can and hold tight in my arms.
I wait until the baby stands up and I ask is everything ok.
If there is no blood I don’t react.

Do you allow you kid to make decisions?

In no case. Children should not make any decisions. It is a task for adults.
Yes, I allow them to make little decisions like which skirt to put on or what we eat for the dinner
In my opinion, children should decide on their life as fast as they reach the ability of abstract thinking.

What is most effective in bringing children up?

The system of punishment and awards
Giving a good example
The influence of friends

If you have a possibility to have everything you imagine would you give your child everything what they ask for?

If I was a millionaire my children would have everything what they dream of
Children should deserve for an award.
My children get presents only on occasion for example birthday

What do you mostly say to your children ?

I love you
I am proud of you
You are my world

What is your way to calm down if your child makes you angry?

I count to 10
I can not be angry at my child
I throw sth what I reach at the moment

Overprotective Parent!

Give your child more space and learn how they can make their own decisions. Otherwise they will be adults with low self-confidence. Preventing your child from trying such things like playing on the playground or doing group sports will create anxious people with the luck of social competence.

Wise Parent!

Congratulations! You are able to think wisely when being a parent. You know how important it is to discover the world on their own. Of course you should always be vigilant and have eyes around your head. Your children will be creative and brave adults in the future. You are aware that in order to become responsible, confident, assertive, independent adults, children need opportunities to explore their environment both physically and emotionally without continuous interference from their parents.

Helicopter Parent!

You are hover closely around your children, rarely letting them out of their reach. For growing, knowing children, the embarrassment caused by this helicopter behavior can be a real cause of immaturity in the future. Encouraging them to explore, conquer, climb, and master new activities provide the means for tremendous growth and learning both for them and for us as parents.

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