Personality Quiz – Are you a workaholic?

Are you a workaholic?
personality quiz workaholic
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Some consider work addiction to be a personality trait. However, the tremendous majority of the population considers it to be a harmful metal problem that should be got rid of as soon as possible. Take our test and check whether or not you have been struggling with this condition.

After finishing your work for a given day…

You start working in home to perform as many due tasks as possible
You try to relax and forget about your responsibilities
You decide to go out with friends and drink the worries away
You take a long, refreshing nap
You start planning the activities that may be performed in the leisure time

What is the sense of work for you?

To earn as much as possible and support the family
To have the feeling of secured future
Work in itself is my main goal as it gives me a lot of satisfaction
To have anything to do on daily basis

Do you happen to be extremely tired after work?

No, I try to do as little as possible at the workplace
Yes, but only from time to time
Yes, I am constantly tired and frustrated due to the workload

4. A friend of yours wants you to help him perform his chores for an extra payment. You…

Politely refuse the offer
Suggest help of another, more qualified person
Gladly take the offer, even though you have a lot of responsibilities at the moment
Decide to help the friend but only partially

What is the major value in life for you?

Happy and healthy family
Wealth and joys of life
Professional success

After taking a short leave, you feel…

Relaxed, refreshed, and full of life
Completely stressed and overwhelmed by the lack of responsibilities
Satisfied that you have some time for your beloved ones

Have you ever experienced the burn-out syndrome?

No, I feel great in my current job
Sometimes I am fed up with my chores
No, but sometimes I feel bored while working
Yes, I do not derive any pleasure from my work whatsoever

How important is the balance between social life and career for you?

Professional development is always the top priority for me
I do immensely care about the proper balance between those spheres of life
It is sometimes hard to achieve the balance, but I try my best to do so

Not a work Addict!

Great news – you are not addicted to work! You may like to perform your tasks a little bit longer but there is still nothing to worry about. Just keep it up and you will be totally fine! Remember that healthy balance is the key to success.

Slow down!

You may have first symptoms of being a workaholic. Of course, employment, career, and sensible salary are important, but not as much as healthy relationships, pleasant leisure time, and lack of overworking-related problems are.

100% Workaholic!

You have to stop immediately! Your falling in love with your job might have been the worst idea you have ever had! There is of course still a chance to find a proper balance between life and work, but at this point, you need a strong support and constant supervision not to become addicted again.

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