Are you a peacemaker?

Are you a peacemaker?
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Are you a peacemaker?

Quarrels, disputes, and misunderstandings. They are inevitable parts of our lives and they may cause us a number of various problems that we would normally like to avoid. That is why we need peacemakers in our environment. Are you one of them? Take below are you a peacemaker quiz to find out!

You see two people arguing about their political opinions…

You decide to take a side quickly and join the argument
You try to go away as quickly as possible
You decide to listen to the arguments and help them to reach conclusions

Your favorite subject in school has always been…

Physical Education

In your personal opinion, a conflict is…

The unnecessary exchange of opinions
A perfect opportunity to resolve certain issues amicably
The chance to clear the air

It is obvious that no one likes when his or her friends quarrel frequently. What would you do in such a case?

I would engage in the quarrels violently to prove the point of one of the parties
I would support the friend I liked the most
I would try to help both parties if the cause was right

Your best friend was caught cheating during an important exam. What do you do?

You try to avoid any connections being made between you and him or her
You decide to inform the authorities that he or she could not have done it
You tell him or her that such a behavior is not acceptable

In a friendship, you truly value

Confidentiality and mutual trust
Ability to make fool of yourselves
Chance to go out from time to time

If you had a chance to choose, you would like to …

Focus on your further education and self-improvement
Work in a company on a managerial position
Work in a court and support people being sued

You heard from a friend that your beloved one is likely to break up with you. What do you decide?

I am going to discuss all the pros and cons of our relation with him or her
I am going to break up with him or her first
I am going to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend who understands me better

When it comes to your worldview, you are a devoted propagator of…

Chaotic and destructive lifestyle
Peace and harmony
Capitalist and hedonistic values

Definitely not a Peacemaker.

You are too likely to engage in a fight or take sides during a quarrel to be called a peacemaker. But worry not! Just like all other skills and abilities, this one can be learned and improved. All it takes is a little patience!

Half Peacemaker!

We can really see that you are trying to be the best friend, colleague, and family member possible, but try to keep your emotions at ease a little bit more frequently and everything will be splendid. It is a great thing that you know when to re-evaluate your behavior.


We can now be sure that quarrels and disputes will slowly become a dying out phenomena… and it’s great news! Thanks to people like you, the world can be a better, happier place!

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