Are you a leader or a follower? Natural leader quiz!

Are you a leader or a follower?
Are you a leader or a follower
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Are you a leader or a follower?

What does really mean to be a Natural Leader? People use this expression to describe those, who are offensively self-assured, but also smart and possessing huge determination to finish what they’ve started. Nowadays, people need to have some mental strength to achieve success in their lives—they need to be definite and resolute in their decision. Do you want to know if you’re natural leader or maybe you are the follower? Just complete this are you a leader or a follower quiz and find it out!

Which number would you categorize on first place?


Do you have to make important decisions?

you concentrate more on theoretical matters
you avoid them
definitely yes

What is the thing that you mostly keep in mind after the date?

experiences throughout
the state of the atmosphere
given promises
your plans for the future

What do you find difficult to refuse:

a good cigarette
a cup of coffee
a glass of wine
a piece of cake

What do you think about destiny:

that success is decided by the aspects of the planets in the day of birth
that God calls all the shots
that every man is the architect of his own fortune
that you've got to help happiness

Which animal from the list below would you choose to be your mascot?


To what thing you can become a slave/addicted to:

to nothing
to money

When you often succeed to win the discussion with your partner, you feel:

that your partner could at least object as a matter of principle
that you’re disappointed in him/her
that you were right

Under which sign of the Zodiac, from those listed below, would you like to be born?


You want to tell your partner something really important, but he/she doesn’t listen to you. What do you do?

You feel offended
Leaves you baffled
You start to speak more, crudely and audibly
It rouses you to anger

Purposeful Leader!

You’re resolute and consistent in your every action. When it comes to relationships, you make your partners aware that you’ll replace them, when they won’t live up to your high expectations—which paradoxically makes them feel for you even more! You keep others at a distance and show indifference to those who stand on your way. However, you should mind your steps as you may end like a bitter, calculated, and lonely person.

Controlling Leader!

You like to compete like a duck likes water. The feeling of being victorious in your heart’s delight. You love to feel in control of your life and that’s why you always keep your business phone charged and by your side — you never stop working. Because of the fact that you constantly think about your work, your partner sometimes needs to remind you to ‘let go’ and slow down a little.


You feel good at every stage of your career and you don’t participate in the ‘rat race’. However, you’re smart enough to know, when it’s better to step down and watch the whole situation discretely from aside. In your belief, peaceful life is more important than any possible amount of money and you always have time for your beloved ones.

Not a leader!

You never feel obliged to resort to any dirty tricks or to pretend that you rule with an iron hand. The belief that people have kind hearts and good intentions is your signature. You try to be fair and treat them with respect. You dream of finding someone special, who will not only help you if needed but will also be your best friend, that you can trust with anything.


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