Am I superstitious?

Am I superstitious?
Am I superstitious
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Am I superstitious?

Although today hardly anyone admits to being superstitious, many of us are happy when it finds a four-leaf clover, avoids going under a ladder, and flees at the sight of a black cat. Check to see whether we are talking about you in the below am I superstitious quiz!

Somebody standing next to you have killed a spider. What is your reaction?

I yell at this person. I don’t understand why we must kill helpless animals.
I thank to him because I hate spiders
I take an umbrella with me when I go out

What do you usually do on Friday the 13th?

I’m a bit more careful crossing the street
I do the same what I do every Friday
I do everything to prevent bad luck

Have you got some kind of talisman?

I don’t think that any rock can have influence on your life
I have some things which I can call talismans but I have them with sentiment
I have got many talismans each for different occasion

You realize that you have forgotten your wallet and you must go back. How do you react?

I just go back, take it and go out
I must go back despite the fact that it brings bad luck
I go back but I must sit down and count to ten

You had a terrible dream about your best friend. How do you react?

I ignore it
I think about it for a while and maybe tell about this situation to my friend
I try to read the signs which I remember and tell my friend about it

What do you think about Halloween?

This is a commercial holiday and is good for little children
I like to take part in strange parties and watch horrors that night
I believe that souls wonder among us this night

What is the first thing, which you do in the morning?

I drink coffee
I check my calendar in order not to forget anything
I read my horoscope


You’re a very skeptical person. You retain a considerable distance towards any predictions, prophecies, and dreams. Your attitude to superstitions and to the people who suggest with them, it is often very sarcastic. It might be worthwhile from time to time to take some distance to yourself and grasp the button, passing the chimney sweep.

You have the right approach!

You have the right approach to superstition. You realize that they are part of our lives, but rather as an element of tradition and culture, and not as something to be feared and observed. You do not grieve when you break a mirror, but bend any of the last pages in the index – just in case…


You regularly read the horoscope and treat it seriously. Your life is often addicted to what is prohibited, or as recommended by a superstition. You are too serious about the issue of superstition, fortune-telling, and horoscopes. Through your behavior others might consider you as a naive person. Remember that you are responsible for yourself. Do not let the superstition to determine the most important issues in your life!