Introvert quiz. Am I an introvert?

Am I an introvert? Introvert quiz.
Am I an introvert quiz
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Am I an introvert?Asking yourself that question? Take this introvert quiz to find out.

Many people suffer because it’s hard for them to find a friendly spirit, another human being, whom they could always count on. Although they are constantly looking for friends and try to make a lot of new contacts, it turns out that our efforts are ineffective. Let’s try to think about it answering am I an introvert quiz questions below.

What do you do if somebody tell you about some interesting happening in his life?

Think about the same in your life and want to share the story
It depends on situation. Whether you say that it is very interesting for you or opposite, very boring
No matter what he is talking about I always listen carefully

You are going to have a trip with friends but it is raining since yesterday. What will you do?

I call them and say I cannot come
I call them and suggest another date
I put on some raincoat and join them

What is your reaction when somebody praise you?

I am embarrassed and don’t know what to say
I try not to show that I am embarrassed
I thank for kind words

What do you think about your colleagues from work?

They are boring
I don’t know them well but most of them is boring
There are some nice people

If you say something about yourself what do you mention?

I complain about my health and exaggerate a little trouble b) I tell about my future plans c) I give my opinion to different subjects
I tell about my future plans
I give my opinion to different subjects

Do you say compliments to others?

I don’t, although I appreciate many people
Yes but very rarely
Yes, I do it very often

Do you care about your appearance?

I do not pay attention to this
I try to look neatly
Of course I think it is natural

Introverted egoist!

Do not be surprised that it is hard for you to find a friend. If you want to change something in your life, you must start with yourself. Do not focus only on yourself, try to open up to others. Try to listen to your speakers, even if they discussed topics, which you find boring. Friendship requires sacrifice or – if you prefer – investment. Do not defend yourself against human impulses facing your direction.

Good friend but in theory!

Principles of good interaction with people you know well from the theoretical aspect. However, you lack practical skills. In many situations, you act artificially, with unnecessary stress. This does not attract people, but certainly you induce sympathy of the environment. Try to be a bit more natural. A bit of spontaneity does not hurt. Do not be afraid to admit to mistakes.

You are not the problem!

If you honestly answered all the questions, it means that probably you’re great material for a friend. If you do not find your soul mate around you, either you have some not very nice feature that our test has not detected, or you find the wrong environment. And so it happens. Now you should look for friends, expanding your horizons. Maybe some interesting participation in a course or circle of interests will help you find new candidates?

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