Am I a leader or a follower?

Am I a leader or a follower?
Am I a leader or a follower?
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Am I a leader or a follower? Have you some concerns recently?

Do you like to be supervised, controlled, and checked on a regular basis? Do you like to be dependent on other workers or friends? If no, chances are that you are a real leader – let us find out about that in this am I a leader or a follower quiz!

There is a big school project coming up next week. What do you do with that?

You wait patiently for others to do the hard work
You try to support the person doing his or her job most effectively
You do your share, as well as try to help and support all the other members of the team
You choose only the easiest tasks available to get credit afterwards

While working with other people…

You try to avoid any form of communication
You seek new ways of performing tasks
You try to stick to the plan and do your job

What does self-development mean for you?

The chance to get a better-paid job or better marks
The opportunity to deprive others of their equal improvement chances
The risk of losing your own identity due to inevitable changes
The opportunity to become a better, more knowledgeable, and helpful person

How would you describe your leading personality features?

Shy, socially awkward, reluctant to cooperate
Bold, energetic, goal-oriented
Moderately active, rather unwilling to work in teams
Highly confident, with exceptionally high self-esteem

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I will be a manager of well-organized company
I will seek further education prospects
I will try to find a job that does not require human interactions
I will travel a lot to forget about all my problems

Your beloved sports discipline is…



You live as if your life was dependent on someone. In some cases – it may really be that way. Do not worry, sometimes it is better to let go of the responsibility of managing a team of people and focus on performing your tasks as efficiently as possible.

You are currently in the middle

Therefore, there are two main options to choose from. You may either rely on other individuals while performing your everyday chores or you may try to reach for the stars and polish your skills as a leader to become a recognizable student/worker.

True Leader!

You are not afraid of taking risk and there is no “problem” word in your dictionary. It is all because you have substituted it with the “challenge” term. Great job! Good luck on your way to professional success!


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