Which of famous gentleman would love you?

Which of famous gentleman would love you?
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Crazy Mick Jagger, elegant Benedict Cumberbatch, warm David Beckham, or rakish Prince Harry? Find out which can fall in love with your personality.

1. Which description is closest to your personality?

Funny, open, outgoing
Ambitious, patient, punctual
Combative, brave, strong
Crazy, creative, independent

What would you cook for your first date with him?

Pasta with salmon and spinach
Steak, potatoes with vegetables
Cheeseburger and ice-cream for desert

What is your favorite way to start weekend on Friday evening?

Cinema or theatre
At home with family and friends
Clubbing with friends
Play video games or surfing net

Which type of movies do you like to watch?

Adventure films
Romantic comedies

Where would you like to spend your ideal holidays?

In a wild for a survival camp
Trip among the cost of USA
Working as a volunteer in Africa
Relaxing on a tropical island

How do you usually dress?

I choose sport clothing
Sexy and classy
I like casual style in neutral colors
I like rebel style (leather, jeans)

Prince Harry

You are feisty, lively and not deprived of humor, and at the same curious of the world! Even Prince Harry from the family of Windsor could not resist you. You have no idea what is boredom, lack of creativity, or fear of the unknown. The more challenges standing before you, the more you feel satisfied! An important reason why you and Harry would create a perfect pair is your openness. You’re the true soul of the party. Similarly, as the youngest son of Diana you appreciate having a good time among friends.

David Beckham

characteristics, combined with your spontaneity would completely entrance David Beckham. A player who has always put family over career. You carry a huge emotional intelligence, through which you are irreplaceable. Friends in need often ask you for advice and support. However, the guys go crazy for you, not only because you’re a great friend. Your spontaneity can be seductive!

Benedict Cymberbatch

You have a class intellect and a fantastic, timeless taste. People remember you as a charismatic, considerate, warm person. It is also important in the case of social life. Perfectly you find yourself among people, even those who you have just met. Even so, both you value your privacy. Therefore, shared, intimate escape to the mountains or the hours spent on calls at home would be for you more than fabulous!

Mick Jagger

Much can be said about you, but certainly not that somebody can get bored with you. You never stand in the place wondering, “What if …”. Immediately you take matters into your own hands. Such an attitude would attract Mick Jagger, and by the way probably the rest of the Rolling Stones … People see you as an inspiring person. For Mick’d be a muse, which regularly raises the bar him up.

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