What are you aiming for in life?

What are you aiming for in life?
what are you aiming for in life
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Each of us has an intuitive abilities, and this test will help you see what more you rely. Solving the following test will allow you to define what you are aiming for in life. Is it more intuition and spontaneous action or rationalism and planning.

What do you prefer while performing a specific task?

I want to know the purpose of the task to solve and have the freedom of its implementation.
I want to know whether the purpose of the task and the instructions on how to do it.

You choose cooperation with:

people with realistic approach to problems
people who are imaginative

What type of people do you admire?


Among your close friends there are people who are:

unflappable realists
triflers acting on impulse

When you are making important decisions in your life you…

plan everything in advance
act instinctively and rather without plan

Are you the type of a dreamer?


What is more helpful to you when building something from small pieces?

written instruction

When something unexpected happened what do you feel?


Common sense and proper planning rules your life!

There’s no place for improvisation in your life. You like to have every detail planned in advance only then you feel safe. You like order around you. You like to spend time with people who are restrained and predictable. What can be surprising your life partner will probably your opposite.

Feelings and intuition rules your life!

You deeply believe in your intuition and the sixth sense which leads you through all the hardest decisions in your life. You have the soul of an artist, sometimes completely forgetting about mundane matters. Your family need to remind you about your duties and liabilities.