The Notebook Movie Quiz– Have you heard of it?

How much do you know about "The Notebook" movie?
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It is one of the most beautiful love stories ever created. It is about Noah and Allie – a match made in heaven which has to encounter a number of obstacles to live happily ever after. The said production has won the hearts of a number of couples all over the world – now it is time for you to fell in love with it by taking this Notebook movie quiz.

The Notebook falls into the film category of…

Romantic comedy
Romantic drama
Psychological horror

What is the name of the actress playing the role of Ann Hamilton, Allie’s mother?

Emma Blackery
Kate Winslet
Amanda Kelly
Joan Allen

How much the film earned worldwide after its premiere in 2004?

Approximately 50 million dollars
Approximately 115 million dollars
Approximately 15 million dollars

Who is Gena Rowlands, the actress playing the role of mature Allie?

Joan Allen’s best friend
Ann Hathaway’s grandmother
Ryan Gossling’s mother
Director’s mother

Who was also considered for the role of Noah before Ryan Gossling?

Ewan McGregor
Justin Timberlake
Adam Sandler

Did the film won any prize during the Teen Choice Awards?

No, it overshadowed by Gone with the Wind
Yes, the film received the total of 8 awards
Yes, the film received one award for the best movie actor

We have a hater of romantic movies here.

We do not blame you as every single person has different interests and not everyone can be interested in a thrilling love story between a poor boy and a rich, stunning girl. What we want to say really is – give this movie a second chance and you will love it…Goosebumps guaranteed!

You are a moderate fan of the film.

You surely have some favourite parts, but the production as a whole has not convinced you that much. There is no need to feel ashamed, thought. It is enough to polish your knowledge on the film and take the quiz again. We are sure that the results will be notably better.

Drama Lover!

There is a kind of peculiar beauty in watching two people desperately trying to be together and at the same time – being unable to spend the rest of their lives together. All that matters now is that you have shown us that you are a die-hard fan of the production and you know almost every single important detail about it! Way to go, young romantic soul!