What do you know about the Star Wars Universe?

How much do you know about Star Wars?
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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… we all know that famous quote from the opening scene of every Star Wars movie ever. The real question is, however, what else can we tell about the said masterpiece of cinematography?
Have you tried many Star Wars quizzes? You can prove that you are a real Star Wars fun by answering these few Star Wars quiz questions?

How is the genre Star Wars falls into called?

Epic space opera

One of the most famous pilots and the owner of the Millennium Falcon is…

Han Solo
Jar Jar Binks
Luke Skywalker

When was the first film inaugurating the franchise presented to the general public?

On 1 January 1977
On 8 March 1964
On 4 April 1988
On 25May 1977

What is the name of the creator of the Star Wars universe and the director of the films?

Lawrence Kasdan
Dan Bull
George Lucas
Kathleen Kennedy
Ronan Aldrin

Specially designed sword used by both Jedis and Siths is called…

Great Saber

What is the name of one of the most popular games inspired by the Star Wars universe?

Sith Return
To the Outer Galaxy and Beyond
Force Unvarnished
Knights of the Old Republic

Which company tried their luck to combine their products with the world of Star War ?


Star Trek worshipper!

There has always been a battle between the fans of science fiction and space operas and people tended to take sides in the argument. We are of the opinion, however that you should give this saga a try; it has a number of exceptionally well-produced scenes in it!

We can sense a moderate interest in the Star Wars universe.

You watched some of the movies, considered them mildly interesting and then moved on with your life. You must admit, though that certain aspects of them were more memorable than others and thanks to that, you have been able to properly solve this quiz.

The Force is strong with this one.

You have watched every single Star Wars movie and you are fully familiar with all the actors starring in the saga. On top of that, you have checked all the topic-related comics and games. You room is surely filled with gadgets referring to this famous universe, isn’t it?