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What is the name of the most famous skateboarder and the main character of a series of video games?

Tony Hawk
Rodney Mullen
Chad Muska

Not a skater!

You seem to prefer typical physical activities, such as football, volleyball, and extreme shopping. But hey! It is also a great way to relax and unwind after a long day!

Promising rookie!

You know the basics about skating and you are not afraid to show it to others! Now it’s the time to buy a professional skateboard and watch some tutorials online on how to do a 360 Pop-Shove It Late Kickflip …which may take a little while.

True Skater!

You know almost everything about the brightest starts of this sport discipline. What is even more, you are also familiar with the most earth-shattering games concerning the skating universe! Tony Hawk and the rest are surely proud of you!