Skate match quiz. Are you mad about skateboarding?

Skate match quiz. Are you mad about skateboarding?
skate match quiz
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Skate match quiz.

We all love extreme sports, thrill, and danger. One of the best ways to experience a little uniqueness in your life is to hop on your skateboard and try to perform at least few basic tricks. If you are reluctant to do so… why not to check your knowledge about this peculiar method of spending one’s free time in this skate match quiz?

What is the name of the most famous skateboarder and the main character of a series of video games?

Tony Hawk
Rodney Mullen
Chad Muska

The name of the most impressive trick invented by Tony Hawk is…

Kickflip Backflip
Royal McTwist
The 900
Salto Mortale
Gymnast Plant

There are three main skating styles: street, freestyle, and…


The most basic trick performed while riding a skateboard, a typical jump is called…


One of the famous pro skaters, Bam Margera, has its own TV show. What is its name?

Alabama Geeks
Loonies on the Loose
Boys From the Hood
Dirty Sanchez

The basic “360” trick is based on…

performing 360 quick pushes on the front of the desk
performing one full rotation around the skater’s axis
riding on two wheels for 360 seconds

In which Tony Hawk’s game the player has the opportunity to skate around a cruise ship?

Tony Hawk’s Underground
Tony Hawk’s 3
Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground
Tony Hawk’s 4

Not a skater!

You seem to prefer typical physical activities, such as football, volleyball, and extreme shopping. But hey! It is also a great way to relax and unwind after a long day!

Promising rookie!

You know the basics about skating and you are not afraid to show it to others! Now it’s the time to buy a professional skateboard and watch some tutorials online on how to do a 360 Pop-Shove It Late Kickflip …which may take a little while.

True Skater!

You know almost everything about the brightest starts of this sport discipline. What is even more, you are also familiar with the most earth-shattering games concerning the skating universe! Tony Hawk and the rest are surely proud of you!

So how did the skate match quiz go for you?

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