Linkin Park… How much do you know about Linkin Park band?

How much do you know about Linking Park?
Linkin Park band quiz
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Linkin Park band quiz. How much do you know about Linking Park band? Do you know something about one of the greatest rock bands ever?

Some people cannot stand their music, but you must honestly admit that there are no individuals who can say without batting their eyelashes that they have not heard of Linkin Park band. It is an outstanding band which got popular thanks to exceptionally well-written songs and Chester’s voice… Let us check your knowledge on the group with these few questions in the below Linkin Park band quiz.

What is the name of the first widely recognized album of LP?

Hybrid Theory

The music of Linkin Park combines…

Pop and Rock
Rock and Rap
R&B and Rock
Techno and Rock

One of the artists from the band has his own music-related project. What is its name?

Ivory and Ebony
Mike and Mechanics
Fort Minor
Parallel Universes

Which of the following is NOT the member of the band?

Mike Shinoda
Brad Delson
Chester Bennington
Luke Cutforth
Joe Hahn

What was the initial name of the band before renaming it to Linkin Park ?

Eternal Darkness

How many studio albums has the band released so far ?


Who was the initial singer in Linkin Park before the appearance of Chester?

Nick Bennington
Mark Wakefield
Joshua Williams

Linkin Park?

We can clearly see that you have not been interested in the music made by this band. It is a shame, as at least some of their hits are truly mind-blowing and should be listened to by literally everybody. If you would like to improve your score on the quiz, please repeat when you feel like it.

True fan!

Almost all answers were correct, you know a lot about your band…and it is truly something that you can be proud of. You can try to boost your score at any time, but honestly – you have shown us that there are no barriers when it comes to your love to Mike, Chester and the others.

Congratulations! You have nailed it!

You have showed us who should be as near to the stage as possible when LP has its concert! You surely know the lyrics of all the songs recorded by the band and you will be more than glad to accompany Chester when he is singing. We truly hope that those dreams will come true one day!

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