Health Quiz – Is Your Lifestyle Healthy?

Is Your Lifestyle Healthy?
health quiz
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Almost none of us has time to really take care of our bodies and our health. Check if you care enough?
This quiz checks your knowledge about healthy lifestyle. Do you really try to be fit and healthy?

What product should be on the top of the food pyramid?

Whole grains

What the is the perfect BMI? (Body Mass Index)

Less than 19
From 20-25
From 25-30
More than 30

How many meals in the day you should eat?


Which vegetable contains the most Vit. C?


How much water an adult should drink a day?

0,5 of a liter
1 liter
2 liters
4 liters

Why sunlight is good for your health?

It kills skin parasites
It protects form the wind
It makes my body do produce vit. D
It makes my body to sleep better

Not Healthy!

You don’t care about your health at all. Diets and calories are not for you. You probably don’t see any reason yet but if you do not change your attitude now in few years it will be too late.

Far from Healthy!

Healthy life? Something rings a bell to you but you don’t have time to spend on wandering what you should eat. Fruit salad once a week is enough.

No strong will

You know much about your body but lack of strong will is the problem.

My body is my temple

You are expert in theory but do you use the knowledge? If the answer is YES you are probably fit and health.

Thank you for taking this quiz, we are highly recommend to check lifestyle quizzes section.