Is your life ruled by complexes?

Is your life ruled by complexes?
life ruled by complexes
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Complexes cause loss of self-esteem. It is very difficult to eliminate them because they usually lie in our subconscious and are the result of real or imagined imperfections of our body and spirit. Almost everyone has some complexes that interfere with his normal life. However, some suffer less, and others more. And how is it in your case? Can you cope with your complexes? Get to know yourself! Maybe you’ll learn how to deal your complexes?

Have you ever thought about plastic surgery?

Definitely yes
Maybe once or twice

Do you think you are sexy?

No way
There are some situations when I can be sexy if I want
Of course

Do you like to speak in public?

Every public performance is a nightmare for me
I don’t but if I have to I do it
It is not a problem for me

Have you got a nickname at school?

Yes. Children called me nerd or freak
Yes but I was also praised
I don’t remember such situation

If your project fails what you do?

I blame only myself
I look for a cause everywhere
I blame others

When you where getting out of the car for a party you get splashed by another car. What would you do?

I come back home and don’t go for the party
I come back home and change my clothes
I go for the party splashed

Do you flush in stressful situations?

Yes. I always look like a beetroot
It never happened to me

Your life is made up of complexes!

You think that you are worse than others in many ways, and that everything you do in life you have failed, or will fail. It is true that you have survived many defeats, but that does not mean you’re a loser. You must realize that without belief in yourself you will never achieve anything. Of course, you have a few flaws that cause your complexes, but you also have many advantages. You are very worried about everything that you could not do. From day to day you fall in frustration. Try to forget about your complexes. If you do not look like Claudia Schiffer or Arnold Schwarzenegger and it is your problem you have to learn to like yourself as you are.

Many complexes bother you, but you’re trying to fight them.

Sometimes you are successful and sometimes not. But you have so much power that in extreme situations, you overcome your fears. Contrary to appearances, complexes can be used for their own benefit. For example, if you are shy do not try to pretend to be someone else. Emanate your shyness, thereby demonstrating that you know about your own weaknesses. Then people will accepted you as you are, and for some these can be your advantage. Do the same with other complexes and fears.

Complexes are something completely alien to you.

You can say that you are complexes devoid or that you can hide them in such a way that nobody notice them, even you. Thanks to such character you are going through your life like a bullet not paying attention to others. You like to show off and this is the cause that people feel a big distance to you. You think you are perfect and always have the last word but remember that it is impossible to be Alpha and Omega and that some people can give you good advice.