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What time do you usually eat your last meal?

Until 5 pm
Between 5 pm and 7 pm
After 7 pm

Health Maniac!

You think about your health in every minute of your life. This is often an obstacle to do some activities together with your friends and family because you don’t want to risk your health. You have the tendency to go to extremes. Whether you stay at home afraid of your good or do sport like crazy to stay fit. This attitude may be good for your body but remembers that your soul also needs to be taken care of.

Your attitude is as healthy as you are!

There are days when you reach for a pack of crisps but looking at the whole of your health approach you should be taken as an example. Common sense goes with a healthy body in your case. You can find time for taking care of everything including your social life and regular visits to the doctor’s office.

You adhere to the principle that too much care is senseless!

You don’t realize that your attitude can lead to serious results. If you don’t care about your health nobody will do it. It can be too late when you realize that such a lifestyle is killing you. Prevention is better than cure so think about minimal effort to improve your lifestyle and start exercising or starting a diet.