How well do you know Justin Bieber?

How well do you know Justin Bieber?
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Some love him, some hate him. One thing is certain – almost every single person in the world has heard of Justin Bieber. Therefore, we have prepared a quiz for you to check how well you know this young, bold, and frequently misbehaving pop star.

What is Justin’s second name?


When was the Never Say Never movie about the young superstar presented to the general public?

In 2010
In 2011
In 2012

When was Bieber awarded with the Artist of the Year prize?

In 2010
In 1999
In 2015

When was Justin born?

1st April 1994
21st January 1993
1st March 1994

Which of the following Justin CANNOT play?

electric triangle

What is the name of the most popular TV series Bieber appeared in?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Hollywood Angels
Miami Heat

What is the name of a talent manager who discovered Justin Bieber?

Alan Alba
Scooter Brown
Daniel Hardcastle

What religion is Justin the follower of?

He is a Jew
He is a Christian
He is a Muslim

Not a true fan!

That’s okay! You may just not like this type of music or you are new to the creations and life of Bieber. It if is to – expand you knowledge and take the test again!

What a great start!

You have got more than the half of all questions right! There is a reason to be proud, but it can always be better. Check who Justin collaborates with, what he likes, and what TV shows he appeared in and you will be all good!


You know every single detail concerning the life and whereabouts of Justin Bieber, you are familiar with his surroundings, and scandals he has been involved in. How does it feel to be a true fan?

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