How to get her heart?

How to get her heart?
how to get her heart
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You have tried almost everything but she’s still unimpressed. You have no idea what you are doing wrong. This is the time to take this quiz and find out what type of courtship will appeal to her. There are many types of women so you can’t do always the same to conquer her heart.

What makes her smile?

Children on the street
Cute animals
My jokes

How much time do you wait for her before the date?

Not more than 2 minutes. She’s punctual
It happens that I wait 5 minutes
I wait too long

How does she dress?

She usually wears jeans and top
She likes cute dresses and short skirts
She dresses accordingly to the weather but always classy

How do you communicate?

On the phone or skype
Via sms or e-mail
I must call her few times until she picks up

Which of these fairy tale characters is most similar to her?

Betty Boop

What is your main subject of talks?

What is going on the world
Her sports achievements or other prices

How does her room look like?

Its very clean and tidy. Everything has its own place but is still nice and cosy
It is tidy but she has lots of small gadgets
It is ink and looks like a doll’s house

Which animal would she choose to become in next life?

Pure Bred dog’s

You have chosen very familial girl!

The one, which you’ve chosen, is very devoted to her family and close friends. It’s good material for a wife but you have difficult task to conquer her heat. You need to show to her that you value adhere to the same ideas and values. If you pass children on the street you should say how cute and pretty it is. It will be a big advantage if you have a dog or cat since she likes every creature including pets.

You have chosen brave hearted girl!

One is certain – you will never get bored with each other. You chosen one is full of life and always pursuing her goal. If you want to impress her you must show that you have your own passion. It may be some sport discipline or something else but you have to be devoted to this.

You have chosen a diva!

Your heart is captured by the woman, which must be admired all the time. If you really want to spit game to her you will need a lot of cash and time. She likes fancy restaurants and presents. Compliments should be your main topic of the conversation. You must tell her how pretty she looks every day.

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