“Friends” Quiz – How well do you know Friends’ characters?

How well do you know "Friends" characters?
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If you have followed the story of Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and Joey then you shouldn’t have any problems with these questions. Check if you watched the episodes carefully!

Which band sang the Friends theme song?

The Rembrants
The Bangles

In which of these places, Rachel hasn’t worked?

Central Perk café
Ralph Lauren

What was Pete’s desire? (Monica’s millionaire boyfriend)

to become "Ultimate Fighting Champion"
to master tai-chi
to invent new software
to meet Dalai Lama

Which fact about Ross is not true?

He was married four times.
He was married to a lesbian.
He is a palaeontologist.
As a kid he dressed up as a girl.

Which of these actors didn’t play guest role in the serial?

Jim Carrey
Bruce Willis
Brad Pitt
Robin Williams
George Clooney

What Phoebe did for her brother?

She served as a surrogate mother for Frank and his wife Alice
She adopted one of his child.
She took him to a prostitute.
She lent him money for a new car.

What’s the fake name that Joey uses?

Ken Adams
Philip Moore
Jack Wright
Walter Taylor

What animal did Ross have?


What’s the middle name of Chandler M. Bing?


What’s the title of Phoebe’s most popular song?

Smelly Cat
Tiny Tarzan
Whenever I Get Married

Not a fan!

You are familiar with this tv serial but you have life and you probably had something better to do when it was on.

Really good!

Maybe you haven’t seen all 236 episodes but definitely most of them. You must have enjoyed it as you can remember so many details!

Biggest Fan!

You must have seen all the episodes many times. You are officially the biggest fan of “Friends”!