Fashion Style Quiz – Which city reflects your style?

Which city reflects your style?
which city reflects your style
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London, Milan, Paris, or maybe New York – which is your fashion capital? In which would you find yourself presenting your every day style? Answer a few questions in this fashion style quiz and find out in which of those big, beautiful and famous for their fashion cities could successfully live!

If you can get for free a piece of clothing form one of the famous designer which would you choose?

Dolce & Gabbana
Ralph Lorene

In your wardrobe there’s always place for new…

Little black dress
High-heeled shoes

Which pattern do you usually choose to wear?


There is going to be a cold day, what are you going to wear?

Trench coat
Leather jacket
Snugly suit

What type of jewellery do you prefer?


What do you always have with you?

Pressed powder

Which of these celebs style is closest to yours?

Alexa Chung
Olivia Palermo
Melanie Laurent
Eva Longoria

New York

You appreciate the classics. Your closet is dominated by simple, classic clothes, universal jeans and tailored jackets. For universal base you always choose extravagant extras. Jewelry, handbags, shoes are those without which you cannot imagine fashion.


Just as the British you like to mix styles. Your designs are a mix of leather, classic, patterned fabrics. Your designs are always complimented with the appropriate hairstyle and jewelry. Sometimes you get the impression that people on the street stares at you. Well, your style certainly is not one of many. Through the clothes you express your personality.


Parisian chic and classic at its best is what you value most. You like to mix and match different styles. Your favorite combination is matching and feminine shapes clothes with man’s style. You are perfectly aware of the fact that less is more, so sometimes instead decked jewelry you put on the right makeup.


You are the personification of Italian fashion! From head to toe dress up in flashy colors, patterned fabrics, betting on a large, eye-catching jewelry. You are confident, courageous woman who of her disposition is not ashamed to show personality through fashion.